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PMT Prepreg Resin Systems

PMT has a history of developing resin systems that have become the backbone of the aerospace and satellite industry. From unidirectional tape (UDP), fabric prepreg to adhesive films, PMT is creating durable cutting-edge systems to fill the needs of the high-end industrial market.   

A highly versatile 

epoxy 180F curing


Toughened epoxy 250F curing system

140F curing tooling resin that generates a Tg over 400F after post cure

Toughened 350F epoxy system with excellent mechanical properties

and a high Tg

These are just a few of the dozens of resin systems we have available in house. Most of our systems can be modified to fit your needs.

Toughened 350F curing cyanate ester with a Tg of over 550F

Toughened 350F curing cyanate ester with low water uptake

Our resin systems are compatible with most fiber and fabric reinforcements

Please contact us directly for more information

Patz Materials & Technologies is a leader in the manufacturing of Advanced Composite Materials and Specialty Cellular Core for the next generation of Aerospace Structures.

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