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PMT cores provide a level of design flexibility not found in traditional off-the-shelf cellular core materials.

From super low-density aerospace core

to tough impact-resistant industrial core,

we will help you find an optimal solution for your most challenging applications.  

Carbon Core 

High performance, competitively priced, replacement for aramid and aluminum core. For all applications from automotive to space. 


High Performance Carbon Core

PMT F6E-LT/T300 1K-PW-125 1/16" CRV

A mid-weight, high performance replacement for aluminum or Nomex core materials. Aerospace-level performance in an affordable carbon-fiber core material

Cyanate Ester Fiberglass Core

PMT F6E-LT with 1080 Glass 3/16" EMT

A mid-weight glass core with excellent elevated temperature properties and good formability.

Carbon Flex Core PN 800107.jpg

High Modulus
Carbon Flex Core

PMT F7C/YSH50A-75 1/2"CRV & 3/8" CRV

Flexible enough to conform to complex curves, this carbon-fiber material yields an exceptionally rigid and lightweight composite sandwich structure.

Epoxy Fiberglass Flex Core

PMT F22C/106 Glass 1/4" CRV

A high-strength, flexible fiberglass core perfect for use in contoured sandwich panels that do not need or want the extreme stiffness of carbon core.



Carbon Core 

We are proud to present our newest core material, an ultra high temperature

carbon-carbon cellular core. 

Custom Core Solutions

Having trouble finding the perfect composite core material for your unique application? PMT excels at developing custom solutions for the most demanding projects. Contact our material development team to find out more about our unparalleled cellular core design and manufacturing capabilities.

Patz Materials & Technologies is a leader in the manufacturing of Advanced Composite Materials and Specialty Cellular Core for the next generation of Aerospace Structures.

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